I Belong: Completely and Forever

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I Belong to Jesus

I Belong: Completely and Forever

November 2, 2018   •   Romans 14:1-12 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Do you ever wish you were free to be yourself? Do you wish people would accept you exactly as you are? God does. God cares about your body and your soul, he cares about you in life and after death. If you belong to Christ, you belong to him forever. Unlike humanity’s fickle whim and popular trends, God’s acceptance of you will never change. He does not forget you. When our lives are owned by Jesus Christ, we find freedom. Does that seem impossible to you? Do you think the Christian religion has too many rules to possibly follow? Do you question whether it’s possible for you to be truly free in Jesus Christ? Find out why the Bible says belonging to Jesus is true freedom and discover the comfort and strength that you possess knowing God cares about every bit of you, forever.

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