I Belong: So I Live for Him

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I Belong to Jesus

I Belong: So I Live for Him

November 23, 2018   •   Romans 8:12-17 Galatians 5:13-25

When we hear about a deal too good to be true, most of us wait for the catch. “Get this brand new, fancy phone totally FREE...when you sign a two year contract.” So when we hear we are saved from our sins by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, it’s no wonder we’re tempted to think we need to do good deeds and be on our best behavior to keep God happy. But the Bible says no, our works do not bring about or finish our salvation; rather, we are capable of them only because of our salvation. Discover the scriptures that teach us this truth and gain a better understanding about why belonging to Jesus means, with the Holy Spirit’s help, we’ll be willing and ready to live for him. 

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