Idolatry and the Golden Calf

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Idolatry and the Golden Calf

November 28, 2014   •   Exodus 32

Is the sin of idolatry something people typically really choose to engage in or does idolatry as often as not creep up on us? Is idolatry as obvious as bowing down before some statue or can it be as subtle as a slight shift in how we think about and talk about and even worship God? Exodus 32 is among the unhappiest chapters in the Bible as the people of Israel fall down in a kind of wild orgy of false worship in front of a golden statue of a calf. It sounds like an open and shut case of the very idolatry God tells them not to do in the Ten Commandments, and in many ways it was. But behind the scenes something else was going on and today on Groundwork we will see what that is and why it is properly instructive also for our lives yet today.

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