Israel's Deliverance

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Israel's Deliverance

October 10, 2014   •   Exodus 5-12

Have you done the right thing or followed God's call only to find yourself burned or rejected rather than blessed? Did it leave you wondering what side God was on anyway? As we continue our study of Exodus, you’d expect things would go smoothly and swiftly once Moses steps up to ask Pharaoh to release God’s people...after all the Almighty God of the universe is the wind beneath Moses’ sails. But nothing could have been farther from the truth. Things got a lot worse before they got better and the final release did not happen until God engaged Pharaoh in one of the most dramatic high-stakes showdowns in history. Join us as we discuss the stories of Moses, Pharaoh, and the ten plagues in the book of Exodus to better help us understand God's presence and involvement in our earthly situations. 

Image: Bill Kaufmann

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