Jonah: Discovering God's Heart

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Jonah: A Story of God's Relentless Love and Abundant Mercy

Jonah: Discovering God's Heart

November 19, 2021   •   Jonah 4

If someone asked you whether or not you wanted to know and understand the heart of God, you’d likely say “yes!”Join Groundwork as we conclude our study of Jonah, gain deeper insight into the heart of God, and witness the stark contrast between our human tendencies and God’s sovereignty. As God questions and teaches Jonah, he gives us a unique opportunity to see his heart. Together, we’ll marvel at the ways God continually provides in order to deliver us and meet our needs, we’ll hear God’s strong critique of the us vs. them mentality, and we’ll recognize God’s invitation to align our hearts with his. We’ll close by reflecting on how we can respond to God’s relentless love and abundant mercy in our own lives today.

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