Jonah: Running Away from God

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Jonah: A Story of God's Relentless Love and Abundant Mercy

Jonah: Running Away from God

October 29, 2021   •   Jonah 1

Sometimes, doing what God wants us to do is no easy task. It may be uncomfortable.  It may be countercultural. It may even cause others to judge or turn away from you. Sometimes, when God calls us to act, we simply just don’t want to do it. There are so many reasons we might neglect, ignore, or even run away from God’s call in our lives. God’s prophet Jonah knew this feeling all too well. As we study the story of Jonah running away from God, we discover important truths, not only about obedience but about the very character of God. We recognize his persistent and relentless love for us. And we begin to understand that at the heart of God’s call in each of our lives is a call to love people as he loves them. 

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