Look at What God Has Done

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Joshua: God Keeps His Promises and Provides for His People

Look at What God Has Done

January 13, 2023   •   Joshua 3-4

Change and transitions are unavoidable parts of life. We all experience seasons of transition as we grow and simply get older. Sometimes we choose to make changes in our lives and other times changes feel thrust upon us. Regardless of whether changes are welcome or unwelcome, they are often emotionally and spiritually challenging. During these seasons, studying the transition of the Israelites from slaves to wanderers to soldiers in Joshua can help us find assurance of God’s presence with us in our times of change. Through the story of the Israelites, we see that God always provides a way and remains with his people. We learn the importance of sharing our testimonies and passing on the memories and stories of God’s faithfulness to the next generation of believers. By saying “look at what God has done,” we provide ourselves and others with the assurance of God’s presence and the confidence to continue walking forward in faith. 

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