Stay Faithful to God, Serve the Lord

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Joshua: God Keeps His Promises and Provides for His People

Stay Faithful to God, Serve the Lord

February 3, 2023   •   Joshua 23-24

Joshua was a successful and God-fearing leader. He led the Israelites in following and obeying God, and under his leadership, they experienced God’s provision and the fulfillment of his promises. We long to hear the advice of successful leaders like Joshua and learn from the secrets of their success. The book of Joshua concludes with Joshua’s farewell speech to the Israelites. In it, he recalls that all his strength, all his victories, and all his successful leadership is God’s doing and he urges Israel to remember it too. Join us as we study Joshua’s farewell speech and discuss how we can continue to remember our promise-keeping God and all he has done for us through the work of Jesus Christ. 

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