The Cross of Jesus is the Only Way

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Galatians: Understanding Salvation and What it Means for How We Live

The Cross of Jesus is the Only Way

May 24, 2024   •   Galatians 2

As Paul continues his letter to the Galatian Christians, he continues to address their confusion about salvation. He tells them that the esteemed leaders in Jerusalem affirmed Paul’s message of salvation and his calling to preach to the Gentiles.  He reiterates that Jewish customs like circumcision are not required for salvation. Then he publicly confronts the apostle Peter for his hypocritical behavior which had become a stumbling block for new believers.  Studying Galatians 2 underscores the importance of Paul’s emphatic message that the cross of Jesus is the only way to salvation. Join us to explore the struggle the apostles faced as the Christian faith spread, and along the way find the courage to embody the truth of salvation in your relationships and daily life. 

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