The Israelites in Egypt

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The Israelites in Egypt

September 26, 2014   •   Exodus 1 & 2

“A coffin in Egypt.” Those are the last four words of the Book of Genesis and those words refer to the death of Joseph and how his loved ones placed his remains “in a coffin in Egypt” until the day would come when the children of Israel could return to the Promised Land and bring Joseph’s coffin with them. As we begin a new series on the Book of Exodus, we will see that Israel’s situation had only gotten worse in the centuries since Joseph died. The people were in an increasingly desperate situation and the prospects of ever getting back to Canaan were not looking good. So did God have a rescue plan? Was God up to anything? Join us as we seek to better understand God and how he works in our world by studying the stories in the opening of Exodus.

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