Darrell Delaney


Darrell Delaney joined Groundwork as a co-host in 2021. He also serves as Lead Chaplain with Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry in Michigan. He earned his Master of Divinity and Graduate Certificate of Urban Pastoral Ministry from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. He also holds a Master of Theology from Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Darrell considers it his life’s calling to create and facilitate life-giving environments where all people can thrive and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Darrell and his wife, Kia, have three children. He enjoys spending time with family, walking, reading, basketball, chess, and video games.

Recent Episodes featuring Darrell Delaney:

Christlike VirtuesFebruary 9 , 2024


Let's dig into Scripture to better understand what it means to forgive, why we forgive, what forgiveness requires of us, and how we can cultivate it in our lives even when it takes time and hard work.

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Christlike VirtuesFebruary 2 , 2024


Together, let's explore Scripture to discover what it means to be truthful, how it shapes our lives and faith, and how we can practically embody the Christlike virtue of truthfulness in everyday life.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 26 , 2024


Discover why generosity is an important virtue for Christ's followers to cultivate and how we can lean into God's abundant generosity to nurture our own.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 19 , 2024

Thankfulness and Gratitude

Why are thanksgiving and gratitude important virtues for Jesus' followers to cultivate? Join Groundwork as we explore the Scriptures to answer this question.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 12 , 2024


Join Groundwork as we explore Scripture to discover the biblical understanding of humility, to identify what humility is not, and to witness and learn from how Christ demonstrated humility here on earth.

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Christlike VirtuesJanuary 5 , 2024


Witness the compassionate character of Christ, and discover why apostle Paul identifies compassion as a defining characteristic in followers of Jesus and what it looks like in our everyday lives.

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Questions & AnswersDecember 29 , 2023

Your Questions about Scripture and Hope

In this episode, we consider some of the questions you asked in response to our series on the Lord’s Prayer, Joshua, and Revelation. Then we’ll discuss issues that some of our listeners shared are most pressing for their faith right now.

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The Nature of Jesus Our MessiahDecember 22 , 2023

Jesus: Our Prince of Peace

Let's dig into Scripture to discover the deep and meaningful shalom that Jesus brought to us in his birth, that he promises to establish permanently when he returns, and that we can share now as his agents of peace in our world.

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The Nature of Jesus Our MessiahDecember 15 , 2023

Jesus: Our Everlasting Father

Let's discuss how our understanding of the Triune God clarifies how Jesus is our Everlasting Father and together, we'll discover the comfort and belonging we have because our Messiah bears this revolutionary title.

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The Nature of Jesus Our MessiahDecember 8 , 2023

Jesus: Our Mighty God

Let Scripture reveal the truth of Christ’s deeds and character, and explore with us how his presence as a helpless baby displays—not the smallness, but the awesomeness of God’s power.

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The Nature of Jesus Our MessiahDecember 1 , 2023

Jesus: Our Wonderful Counselor

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus, let's discuss what it means that Jesus is the wisdom of God and therefore, truly is a wonderful counselor whose guidance, when we seek and follow it with humility, will keep us on the right path.

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Romans: God's Salvation Plan and UsNovember 24 , 2023

Love God By Loving One Another

Study Paul’s instructions for Christian living, teachings that continue to help us understand how we can live together today as changed and changing people.

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