Darrell Delaney


Darrell Delaney joined Groundwork as a co-host in 2021. He also serves as Pastor at Madison Church, Square Campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He earned his Master of Divinity and Graduate Certificate of Urban Pastoral Ministry from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. He also holds a Master of Theology from Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Darrell considers it his life’s calling to create and facilitate life-giving environments where all people can thrive and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Darrell and his wife, Kia, have three children. He enjoys spending time with family, walking, reading, basketball, chess, and video games.

Recent Episodes featuring Darrell Delaney:

The Ten CommandmentsSeptember 10 , 2021

You Shall Not Murder

Gain a deeper understanding of the sixth commandment and discover why recognizing each person as an image-bearer of God is so vital to helping us keep it.

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The Ten CommandmentsSeptember 3 , 2021

Honor Your Parents and Authorities

Together we’ll examine scripture to better understand what the fifth commandment means for children, for parents, for our spiritual life, and for our relationship with other authority figures.

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The Ten CommandmentsAugust 27 , 2021

Remember the Sabbath

Study the second of the Ten Commandments to better understand why God wants us to set aside time for rest and enjoyment.

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The Ten CommandmentsAugust 20 , 2021

Honor the Lord Your God

The first three of the Ten Commandments all provide guidance for our relationship with God.

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Change is Inevitable, but God is ConstantAugust 13 , 2021

God is Faithful, Consistent, and Keeps His Promises

Sometimes, life’s difficult circumstances are the result of our failure, but sometimes we’ve done nothing wrong and life’s circumstances are simply beyond our control. No matter the reason for our suffering, the Bible urges us to remember God’s character; it reminds us that he is a covenant God and we can be confident he will keep his promises.

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Change is Inevitable, but God is ConstantAugust 6 , 2021

God's Perfect Peace

There’s no doubt that this world lacks the peace that so many of us crave. Study God’s promises in scripture to better understand the truth of God’s perfect peace and to discover how we can experience this peace for ourselves.

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Change is Inevitable, but God is ConstantJuly 30 , 2021

God Always Cares and Never Leaves

​Whether life’s changes are good or bad, not knowing outcomes and not yet having answers can lead us to question God. Discover again how his constant, reliable presence and character can encourage us in our discipleship and give us strength to cope with life’s changing circumstances.

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1 CorinthiansJuly 23 , 2021

Stand Firm in the Reality of Christ's Resurrection

Discover why the reality of Christ's bodily resurrection is crucial to the gospel message and why it's so important to continue standing firm on this truth today.

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1 CorinthiansJuly 16 , 2021

Love: the Guiding Principle for Christian Living

​Every church is made up of broken, sinful believers redeemed by the blood of Christ. Studying Paul’s instruction to the Corinthian Christians provides guidance for us still today as we seek to worship and live well together in community.

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1 CorinthiansJuly 9 , 2021

Understanding Christian Freedom

Discover why Paul does not equate personal freedom with Christian freedom and why remembering the second Greatest Commandment helps us embrace our Christian freedom more fully.

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1 CorinthiansJuly 2 , 2021

Sex, Food, and Faith-Informed Choices

Gain a better understanding of God’s vision for how we honor and glorify him through our choices and how our faith informs how we act—in our personal lives, in our relationships, and in our communities.

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1 CorinthiansJune 25 , 2021

You Belong to Jesus! Act Like it.

Remember your identity as one baptized in Christ and act accordingly.

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