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Four Benefits of an Audio Bible Study Podcast

Have you been looking for an alternative to traditional written Bible study materials? 

Incorporating audio Bible studies into your spiritual walk is a great way to expand your biblical literacy and deepen your study of God’s Word. Many audio Bible study/podcasts also include study guides with each episode to provide additional opportunities for Bible reading, reflection, and application.

Here are four benefits of using an audio Bible study/Bible study podcast:

1. Transcripts and a study guide make studying the Bible more accessible.

Bible studies that offer both audio and written components provide multiple options for those with accessibility needs. For example, Groundwork studies are available in audio format, but you can also access the full episode transcript and most episodes have a written episode study guide on our website. This ensures that everyone, including those who may have impaired hearing like Jane, can access quality devotional materials. Bible study podcasts are also typically available online for free.

2. Take your Bible study on the go.

With an audio Bible study podcast, you can study the Bible anywhere, anytime, even when you are on the go. Whether it’s on a walk or in the car, you can take your study with you. Then, when you have more time, you can dig into any accompanying study guides. 

3. Easily share devotional content with others.

Audio Bible study podcasts are easy to share. Whether it’s at a weekly Bible study or the dinner table with your family, an audio format can be easier to digest as a group. If you want to go deeper, the accompanying study guide can be printed and shared to stimulate conversation and create more opportunities for reflection. In addition to sharing content in person, Bible study podcasts are also easy to share with friends and family online via social media or email.

4. Continue your spiritual formation beyond just Sunday.

During the pandemic, many of us learned the value of taking personal ownership over our spiritual growth and finding creative ways to further our faith beyond a Sunday morning worship service. Audio Bible study podcasts are a great way to expand your faith formation throughout the week, whether through individual or group study, as they are accessible 24/7. With a study guide to accompany each episode, you can delve deeper into the Bible and apply the lessons and teachings to your own life in a more meaningful way.

Groundwork: A Free Audio Bible Study Podcast with Study Guides

If you’re looking for a free audio Bible study podcast with study guides, consider Groundwork, a half-hour weekly audio program that digs deeply into scripture as the foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Scott Hoezee and Darrell Delaney help cultivate your understanding of God’s Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight for today’s world. 

On the Groundwork website, you can follow along with each episode using the auto-scrolling transcripts and download free episode study guides that include additional reading and reflection materials. Not sure how to get started? Read our blog on How to Use an Audio Bible Study.

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