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Romans: God's Salvation Plan and Us

For new and veteran believers alike, the book of Romans is valuable to study if you want to know more about the biblical foundation of our Christian beliefs. It is packed with rich theology and addresses core questions about salvation, like what salvation means, how it works, who is it for, and whether it can be lost. If you’ve ever asked such questions, join us to study Paul’s letter to the early church in Rome. In our Groundwork series, “Romans: God’s Salvation Plan and Us,” we’ll unpack the book’s main points and major themes, as well as examine Paul’s teachings about sin, salvation, and our response to salvation. Together we’ll dig deeply into Romans to discover the implications of salvation for our Christian living today.

About Romans

The apostle Paul was incredibly passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ—in as many places and with as many people as he could. He often wrote letters to churches to clarify and expand his teaching, or to answer questions when he couldn’t visit in person. The book of Romans is one such letter. 

In the case of Romans, Paul had not yet had the opportunity to visit the believers in Rome when he wrote to them around 57 CE. Paul knew there was an active group of Gentile and Jewish believers gathering as a church, and he was eager to visit them but had not yet been able to get there. 

Paul’s Teaching about Salvation

In his letter to the Roman Christians, Paul provides a detailed account of salvation. It’s clear that Paul wants them to understand God’s salvation plan and the greatness of God’s love for them. He begins by summarizing the gospel message and then goes on to break down why we need salvation, how it happens, who it’s for, and what should happen in our lives because of that salvation. 

Paul also wants to be sure that the Gentile and Jewish Christians both understand that God’s salvation plan includes all people. After sharing this fundamental truth, Paul turns to explaining how their new life in Christ should impact their thinking and their lifestyles. Paul explores in detail the ramifications of salvation for how they and we should live in relationship to both God and each other. 

Romans for Today

Paul’s detailed teachings about salvation in Romans deeply inform our Christian understanding of salvation today, as well as our understanding of other Christian doctrines like justification and sanctification. For new and seasoned believers alike, Paul’s rich teachings provide a strong foundation on which to build our faith, so I invite you to join us in studying them through our Groundwork series, “Romans: God's Salvation Plan and Us”:

...and together we’ll dig deeply into Romans to seek understanding and assurance of salvation, as well as wisdom for what it looks like to live as people saved by Jesus today.

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