Our New Life in Christ

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Romans: God's Salvation Plan and Us

Our New Life in Christ

October 27, 2023   •   Romans 4-7

After Paul writes his summary of the gospel and explains the purpose of God’s law, he turns to a very important topic: making sure that the believers in Rome understand just how much God loves them. A truth we can all continue to cling to today. By studying Paul’s writing about the implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we gain a better understanding of the Christian doctrines of justification and sanctification. We are reminded that we are indeed saved through God’s grace and made right with God through our faith alone—nothing we do saves us. Finally, we reflect on Paul’s pivotal point: salvation is for all people, not just the Jews. Join us in studying Paul’s teaching so that we might remember the good news of salvation and glean wisdom for the struggles we experience while we are becoming more Christ-like.

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