The Spirit in Us

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Romans: God's Salvation Plan and Us

The Spirit in Us

November 3, 2023   •   Romans 8

If there’s one thing that Paul wants believers to understand, it is that the power of the gospel is life-changing. In his letter to the Romans, he details why we so desperately need the gospel and how the good news of salvation is for all people. In Romans 8, Paul turns to answering the question “Now what?” Join us as we unpack Paul’s writings about our justification—our being made right with God—and what it means for us to be IN CHRIST. Find encouragement and comfort in Paul’s teaching about pain and suffering in this world, and how we have help from the Holy Spirit, to live into the reality of our new life in Christ. And the best, most assuring truth of all? Paul assures us nothing can take our salvation away or separate us from Jesus Christ. 

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