A Lesson in Accountability and Consequences

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Daniel: Trusting God's Sovereignty

A Lesson in Accountability and Consequences

September 29, 2023   •   Daniel 5

“You reap what you sow.” “Cause and effect.” “Actions have consequences.” There is truth in these common phrases, but it can be easy for us to forget such wisdom in the heat of a moment. When we face difficult decisions, we often wish for a clear and obvious divine message from God, but it is important to remember that much of what we need or desire to know, we can already find in the Bible. When we are tempted to seek power and glory for ourselves, it is valuable for us to revisit the story of “the hand writing on the wall” in  Daniel, chapter 5. As Daniel interprets the meaning of this divine message for King Belshazzar, we learn a great deal about the relationship between accountability, consequences, and our faith. And we are reminded and assured that God is in control, sovereign over all, and that he deserves all the glory.

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