About Christ's Return

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2 Thessalonians

About Christ's Return

May 31, 2019   •   2 Thessalonians 2

Do you need more clarity about Christ’s return? You’re not alone, so did the early Christians in Thessalonica. It seems they were hearing contradicting teachings and wondered “Has Christ already come and we missed it?” As the Apostle Paul writes to them in this second letter, he affirms what he’s already taught them: the End is coming but it hasn’t happened yet. By studying his second letter to the Thessalonians, we too gain a better understanding of what to expect in the End Times. Paul teaches us about the signs of Christ’s return, about the Antichrist or “man of lawlessness,” and he reminds us what must happen before Jesus Christ returns. Ultimately, Paul does not want us to be afraid of Christ’s return, instead he desires to teach us about it so that we are encouraged to continue on in our faith.  

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