Answer God's Call for Justice

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Biblical Advice for Living Faithfully in Trying Times

Answer God's Call for Justice

September 4, 2020   •   Leviticus 25:10-17 Luke 4:17-21 Acts 6:1-4 Amos 5 Micah 6:8

If we want to think about justice, there are plenty of opinions and articles available on social media. Yet engaging pithy posts and news clips online makes it pretty easy for us to affirm what we already think. As Christians, though,  it is essential for us to start, not with the media, but with scripture when seeking justice. In order to best reflect on the social inequities and the calls for racial justice in our world today, we invite you to turn with us to scripture to better understand the meaning of biblical justice and what that means for our role in pursuing justice as Christians.

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