Christmas Hope: Bathsheba

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Christmas Hope and the Women in Jesus' Family Tree

Christmas Hope: Bathsheba

December 17, 2021   •   Matthew 1:5-7 2 Samuel 11:1-12:25

Life is messy. No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to be perfect. This can be so hard and uncomfortable at Christmas when we want everything to feel cheerful and bring back warm fuzzy memories, but the reality is, our stories are filled with sin and brokenness: mistakes, missteps, and moments when our best simply was not enough. Join Groundwork for an Advent reflection on the story of Bathsheba, the fourth woman referenced in Jesus’ genealogy. Through the story of “Uriah’s wife,” Bathsheba, we witness the traumatic results of King David’s sin and we are invited to take an honest look at our own experiences of brokenness. Together, through Bathsheba’s story, we’ll remember why Jesus needed to come, seek the truth of God’s abundant forgiveness, and celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas. 

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