Christmas Hope: Ruth

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Christmas Hope and the Women in Jesus' Family Tree

Christmas Hope: Ruth

December 10, 2021   •   Matthew 1:3-6 Ruth 1-4 Luke 16:10 Micah 6:8

Life has its difficult seasons and when the trials and challenges drag on with no end in sight, it’s easy to wonder if God cares. Sometimes we even question if continued faithfulness is worth the effort. Join Groundwork for an Advent reflection on the story of Ruth, the third woman named in Jesus’ genealogy. Ruth faced many trials in her life that left her very vulnerable. But in her story, we’ll discover how God uses the simple faithfulness of both her and Boaz to ensure the continuation of the Messiah’s family tree. Together, we’ll remember that God does not forget his people and that he chose to enfold faithful foreigners into his family in order to bring forth his salvation plan for the entire world.  

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