Courageous Faith in Vulnerable Times

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Esther: Living Faithfully in an Unfaithful Culture

Courageous Faith in Vulnerable Times

January 24, 2020   •   Esther 1-4

Esther lived in a time and cultural context that was morally problematic by today’s standards and flagrantly unjust. Though her context differs drastically from our own, we still might recognize undertones and parallel trends in our own culture today. Esther was vulnerable in ancient Persia as a woman, as a subject in the king’s court, and as a Jew. And yet, when we study Esther 1-4, we see evidence of God’s presence and action even when the surrounding culture does not acknowledge him. We can take heart that when we feel vulnerable in our culture and communities because of our Christian faith, we can find in the story of Esther assurance of God’s providence and the wisdom we need to courageously continue living faithfully in an unfaithful world.

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