Dry Bones and God's Promises of Restoration

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Ezekiel: A Message of Judgment and Hope

Dry Bones and God's Promises of Restoration

November 18, 2022   •   Ezekiel 37, 47

Have you ever felt so hopeless that the idea of experiencing or attaining anything remotely good seemed impossible and out of reach? It’s during similar moments of hopelessness in the book of Ezekiel that God interrupts his messages of judgment with powerful images of restoration. In Ezekiel, God famously depicts Israel’s sinful condition as a valley of dry bones. But in this vision, the bones amazingly do not stay dead. Slowly, death is reversed and beyond all reason and logic, the dry, dead bones are restored to life. The bones were not lost forever and through this vision, God was promising restoration for Israel. Join us in studying the hope-filled imagery of this and other restorative visions in Ezekiel and be reminded of just how great God’s love is for his people, how seriously he takes his promises, and how deeply we can trust that one day God will restore us fully too.

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