God is in Charge, Now and Forever

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Daniel: Trusting God's Sovereignty

God is in Charge, Now and Forever

October 13, 2023   •   Daniel 7-12

Daniel was a prophet who could interpret others’ dreams. Many of us are quite familiar with the stories of  Daniel interpreting the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar. But God also spoke to Daniel in his own dreams—dreams in which God revealed important truths about the End Times. Daniel’s apocalyptic dreams are full of complex symbolism and otherworldly images. At times, they can be mystifying. Christians throughout history have tried to precisely identify the meaning of each and every number and image found in Daniel’s dreams. However, when we study Daniel 7-12 and focus solely on finding correlations or solving puzzles, we can miss the important overarching truths. Join us as we study Daniel’s dreams and prayer to find assurance of God’s constancy and power, and to remember that only God’s kingdom will endure forever. Let us rejoice together that we can entrust our lives to God because he alone is sovereign now and always. 

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