God is Sovereign Over All

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Daniel: Trusting God's Sovereignty

God is Sovereign Over All

September 15, 2023   •   Daniel 2 & 4

Our lives are filled with changing situations and circumstances beyond our control. When we experience injustice or lack power over aspects of our own lives, it can be tempting to question if God is present in our situation. We can begin to wonder if God is even able to help us in the face of unjust authority. The Israelites living in exile under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar likely experienced similar challenges to their faith. But in Daniel 2 and 4, God reminds us of his sovereignty through the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar. As Daniel retells the king’s dreams and interprets them, we find hope because those dreams remind us that in all things, no matter the situation, God is sovereign and in control.

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