Jesus: Our Mighty God

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The Nature of Jesus Our Messiah

Jesus: Our Mighty God

December 8, 2023   •   Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah 10:21 Acts 1:6-8 Revelation 5:6,11-14

The words of the prophet Isaiah offered hope to Israel as they faced a hopeless exile. In chapter 9, verse 6 he calls the coming Messiah “Mighty God,” reminding God’s people that the one who was coming to save them would be more powerful than anything they were experiencing. We now know that the Messiah Isaiah prophesied about is Jesus Christ. As we look toward Christmas, join us as we dig into Scripture to discover what the title “Mighty God” communicates to us about Jesus. Let Scripture reveal the truth of Christ’s deeds and character, and explore with us how his presence as a helpless baby displays—not the smallness, but the awesomeness of God’s power.  Together we’ll discover how the promise of our “Mighty God” continues to give us hope as we anticipate Christ’s return. 

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