Life and Reconciliation in Christ

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Ephesians: A Summary of the Gospel and What it Means for How We Live

Life and Reconciliation in Christ

January 7, 2022   •   Ephesians 2

Injustice and sin are rampant in our world. And much of it flows from humanity’s sinful inclination to literally and metaphorically build walls to exclude others. In Ephesians 2, the Apostle Paul discusses this human tendency. He reminds us that before Christ we were spiritually dead, and without Christ, we continue to be so. But Paul seeks also to energize our faith in the midst of discouraging circumstances. He unpacks the profound truth of God’s grace so we can find hope in God’s gift of life to us through Jesus Christ. But God doesn’t just break the curse of sin and then leave us alone; no, says Paul, God draws near. Join us as we reflect on Paul’s assurance that, in Jesus Christ, God’s grace is abundant and in it, we can find justice, reconciliation, and belonging in God’s family.

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