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Spiritual Disciplines, Part 2: Healthy Habits for Life


January 29, 2021   •   Jeremiah 9:12-13 Philippians 4:4-7 Psalm 66 Matthew 6:9-13

We all know that as Christians we are supposed to pray, but do you ever wonder how to pray or why we pray? Prayer, at its core, is a conversation with God. It seems simple, and yet many Christians struggle to pray during various seasons of our lives. If you’re struggling with feeling unworthy or unequipped to pray or if you’re questioning whether prayer does any good when God already knows our hearts and the future, take heart that the rich tradition of prayer found in scripture serves as our guide and demonstrates just how important prayer is to the Christian life. So, join Groundwork as we examine scripture to better understand the spiritual discipline of prayer, learn how this discipline strengthens our connection with God, and discuss how we can cultivate this practice in our daily lives. 

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