Spiritual Apathy and Justice in Malachi

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The Minor Prophets: God's Judgment and Hope

Spiritual Apathy and Justice in Malachi

May 10, 2024   •   Malachi 1-4

Malachi prophesied to God’s people after they had returned to Israel from exile in Babylon. His message was one of caution and warning. Back in their homeland, the people were finally comfortable again and spiritual apathy began to settle in their hearts. Through Malachi, God addresses Israel’s indifference and unfaithfulness to him. Join Groundwork as we study the profound words of Malachi and witness how out-of-sync life can get when we go through the motions of faith without investing our hearts. We’ll learn from his warnings against spiritual apathy and his encouragement to examine our hearts, and discover how our faithfulness to God impacts our lives and our communities. Together, let’s explore how the timeless wisdom of Malachi can illuminate our faith and transform our worship today.

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