Trust God's Providence

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Biblical Advice for Living Faithfully in Trying Times

Trust God's Providence

August 21, 2020   •   Psalm 104:27-30 Deuteronomy 8:3-18 Romans 8:28 Jeremiah 19:1-3

As we continue to struggle with the effects of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the persistence of racism in our world, many of us long for assurance that God still cares. We may wonder, “Where is God?” “ Why isn’t he doing anything to help us?” “Did God send the pandemic?” or “Does God allow bad things to happen?”  These are the hard questions of providence. Join us as we study scripture to remind ourselves of God’s character and gain valuable wisdom to help us understand God’s involvement in our current circumstances and why we can confidently continue to put our trust in him. 

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