What Jesus Says about the Bible

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The Trustworthiness of the Bible

What Jesus Says about the Bible

July 17, 2015   •   Luke 24:27 John 5:39-40 Matthew 5:17-20

Some years ago a number of books and articles were written around what some called “The Battle for the Bible.” Theologians and others were debating what kinds of words we should use to describe scripture. Is it inerrant? Infallible? Authoritative? Trustworthy? The arguments can sometimes seem like hair-splitting, but the basic issue is an important one: can we believe the Bible? Can we trust what it says? When we listen to it are we actually hearing the word of God? Well, here’s an idea. Let’s go to the source, and hear what the Bible says about itself. Better yet, what does Jesus think? What does he have to say about the Bible? The answer might surprise you.

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