You Belong. Be Rooted in Christ’s Love.

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Ephesians: A Summary of the Gospel and What it Means for How We Live

You Belong. Be Rooted in Christ’s Love.

January 14, 2022   •   Ephesians 3

Keeping a strong faith can be hard when life’s circumstances are difficult. It’s easy to second guess what we know to be true when everything around us seems to challenge or oppose that truth. The Ephesian Christians knew firsthand how it felt to question whether or not God’s promises really extended to them and whether or not they were really part of God’s plan. In his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul reminds the believers of God’s original plan for inclusion and affirms their identity in Christ and their belonging to God’s family. Join Groundwork as we study Ephesians 3 to receive the Apostle Paul’s assurance that we belong in God’s family, that his promises are, indeed, for us, and to be blessed by his prayer for the Holy Spirit to root us in Christ’s love.

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