You Shall Not Give False Testimony

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The Ten Commandments

You Shall Not Give False Testimony

October 1, 2021   •   Exodus 20:16

It is surprisingly easy to break the ninth commandment and often more tempting than we realize. It might seem like giving false testimony or false witness is limited to lying in a court of law, but what about those times we twist someone’s words or leave out vital information in order to help us prove our point? What about those times when we keep silent instead of speaking up to defend another person? Join Groundwork as we study scripture from the Old and New testaments to learn more about the relationship between our words and our character. What does the ninth commandment reveal about the condition of our hearts when we bear false witness and the importance of truth? And how can we cultivate practices of truthfulness in our daily lives to maintain our fellowship with Jesus and with each other in the way God desires? 

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