You Shall Not Steal

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The Ten Commandments

You Shall Not Steal

September 24, 2021   •   Exodus 20:15

It can be easy to dismiss the eighth command, “you shall not steal,” as irrelevant if you’ve never actually shoplifted or committed burglary, but in reality, stealing isn’t limited to physical property. We can also steal ideas, identities, or someone else’s sense of security. And when we do steal,  it can be tempting to justify our actions with excuses based on our merit, desperation, or idealism. But stealing often stems from our human tendency to compare ourselves to others and it reveals our lack of trust in God’s provision. Join Groundwork as we study this eighth commandment and dig into scriptures that help us better understand the damage stealing causes in our relationships, what it says about the state of our hearts, and what attitudes we can cultivate to help curb any temptation to steal something for our own benefit. 

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