Your Questions about Spiritual Life

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Questions & Answers

Your Questions about Spiritual Life

July 15, 2022   •   John 11:40-42, 1 John 5:14-15 Jeremiah 29:4-7 Matthew 22:15-22 Psalm 107:43 and more

Reflecting on and seeking answers to our questions is one way we learn and grow. The same is true for our faith development. We’re grateful when you write to tell us what questions are most pressing for your faith right now. Discussing them together benefits us all. In this episode, we’ll look at questions and comments that you sent regarding our spiritual lives. Together, we’ll examine Scripture for answers and examples to help us better understand our personal faith and the daily practices we can engage in to grow and strengthen it. We’ll discuss how we can live faithfully in the world, even when division and disagreements are daily struggles, and we’ll remember our calling to share the gospel message and think about how we can respond biblically when that message is challenged. 

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