Growth in Christian Discipleship

May 14, 2021 – June 4, 2021

Growth in Christian Discipleship

During Jesus’ day, disciples followed their rabbi closely. They lived with him, ate with him, traveled with him. Christians today still talk about being disciples of Jesus Christ. In this Groundwork series, we’ll explore the biblical theme of discipleship. Together we’ll dig into scripture to define discipleship and explore what it looks like to be disciples of Jesus Christ yet today. We’ll discuss how we can recognize signs that we’re maturing in faith, the impact of setbacks or life tragedies on our discipleship, what we can anticipate on the journey, and why community is necessary as we seek to follow Jesus and grow in faith. 

Episodes in this Series

Growth in Christian DiscipleshipMay 14 , 2021

Be a Disciple of Jesus Christ

Join us as we look to scripture to help us understand what it means to live as disciples of Christ today and as we explore the importance of community in our discipleship journey.

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Growth in Christian DiscipleshipMay 21 , 2021

Grow as a Disciple of Jesus Christ

Find out how to live as a maturing disciple of Jesus and discover the signs of dynamic discipleship already apparent in your own life.

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Growth in Christian DiscipleshipMay 28 , 2021

When Discipleship Growth Stalls

Study the scriptures to better understand the value of repentance and the ready abundance of God’s grace and forgiveness for reinvigorating our own discipleship growth.

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Growth in Christian DiscipleshipJune 4 , 2021

Discipleship During Life's Tragedies

Receive assurance that God cares about all your experiences and emotions and find out how to stay the course of discipleship in the midst of life’s tragedies.

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