Courtney Jacob

Change is Inevitable, but God is Constant

Life is full of change. Some change is a natural part of life, like school starting in the fall or children growing up and moving out on their own. Other changes are much more unexpected and disruptive. Divorce, moving, the death of a loved one...I’m sure we can all identify many ways our lives change. Because the one thing we can be sure of about life is that it will change. In our Groundwork series, “Change is Inevitable, but God is Constant” we’ll turn to scripture together to discover the certainty and stability God offers us when life seems anything but certain and stable.  

Life Change and Faith

Whether change is expected or not, it can still be unsettling. It doesn't matter whether the cause of a change is our fault or not, whether a change is good or bad, personal or cultural—it’s normal to feel anxious and uncertain. People in all seasons of their faith journey ask questions of God during times of change. We long to be assured of his presence, to feel peace, to understand what’s happening to us, or to even know if God cares. It can be scary to f ask these questions and it can even make us feel like our faith is on shaky ground.

The good news is that God does not turn away from our questions. And he has lovingly provided his Word for us to turn to in times of uncertainty. The Bible is filled with the stories of God’s people—testimonies to God’s constant care and abiding presence. If we follow the story of the Israelites through the Old Testament, we see that they went through long periods of time where it may have seemed like God had abandoned them. However, when we read the whole story, we get to see that God was at work, even during these long periods, and that he never left his people. Similarly, the New Testament writers recount stories of how Jesus was present with his disciples both before and after his death and resurrection and how his promises for the early church continue to be true for us today. 

Root Yourself in God

Whether you’re currently experiencing change in your life or whether everything’s pretty steady at the moment, studying God’s Word now will bolster your faith and help carry you through life’s uncertainties when you need it most. I invite you to uncover the truth of God’s faithful character through our Groundwork series, “Change is Inevitable, but God is Constant”:

...and together we’ll find the assurance we need to trust in God and experience his peace through life’s inevitable changes. 

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