God is Faithful, Consistent, and Keeps His Promises

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Change is Inevitable, but God is Constant

God is Faithful, Consistent, and Keeps His Promises

August 13, 2021   •   Judges 6:33-40 Exodus 34:1-10 Isaiah 53 Ephesians 2:1-10

It can be really hard to trust in God’s provision especially when we seem to repeatedly “lose” and when we so desperately need something to go our way. Sometimes, life’s difficult circumstances are the result of our failure, but sometimes we’ve done nothing wrong and life’s circumstances are simply beyond our control. No matter the reason for our suffering, the Bible urges us to remember God’s character. In story after story, Scripture reminds us that God is faithful, even when we are not; it reminds us that his character is consistent and unchanging; and that he is a covenant God. Discover why covenant is important and how we can be confident that God will keep his promises. 

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