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Groundwork’s Top 10 Recommended Series

Earlier this year, Groundwork passed a significant milestone. We aired our 500th original episode! 

That’s 500 episodes of rich Bible study, thoughtful reflection, and insightful discussion on how Scripture continues to apply to our lives today. How does one mark a moment like this? We decided to stay true to our signature Groundwork commitment to digging into Scripture together and ask everyone subscribed to our email list to share their favorite Groundwork series. And they did not disappoint! Groundwork listeners shared episodes they found especially meaningful, series they kept coming back to, or studies that were simply their most memorable. Reading over the submissions has been a fun way to remember and rediscover some of the gems in our archives

Now we want to share with you the top ten series recommended by our Groundwork listener community. We hope these series will also be impactful for your spiritual formation.

#1: The Apostles Creed: What Christians Believe

Host Scott Hoezee and retired co-host Dave Bast study each of the statements in the Apostles Creed and the sections of Scripture from which they’re drawn. Through their discussion, we gain a better understanding of these universally accepted Christian beliefs and grow to appreciate their value for our formation and discipleship today.

#2: Sharing Your Faith: A Biblical Study of Why and How We Share Our Faith

In this series, hosts Scott Hoezee and Darrell Delaney help us reflect on how we can better share our faith in the day-to-day moments of life, and they also teach us a little more about Ascension Day and Pentecost through the series too! 

#3: Job and the Problem of Suffering

The story of Job exemplifies the universal human desire to understand the problem of suffering. In this study of Job, we recognize our own questions about suffering, observe best practices for comforting those who are experiencing suffering, discover hope in Job’s testimony of faith in spite of suffering, and receive God’s response to our questions about suffering.

#4: Jonah: A Story of God's Relentless Love and Abundant Mercy 

If you want assurance that God loves you, that he still cares and will provide for your needs, or if you desire to know God’s heart and better understand his priorities, then join Groundwork in studying the prophetic book of Jonah. Together we’ll glean wisdom from the lessons God demonstrates and teaches through the life of Jonah.

#5: The Cross of Jesus

This 7-part Lenten series invites us to slow down, remember Christ’s sacrifice, and prepare our hearts for Easter by studying and discussing the cross of Jesus in depth. Join us in exploring what Scripture has to say about the importance and significance of the cross of Jesus Christ!

#6: Cultivating Faith: Post-Resurrection Appearances of Christ

We can learn a lot by studying the appearances of Jesus to his followers in the time between his resurrection and his ascension into heaven. Join us as we explore how these post-resurrection interactions with Jesus developed the faith of early Christians, shaping their message of the gospel and their understanding of the truths of salvation. We’ll glean valuable wisdom to help us nurture and enrich our faith, deepening our experience, understanding, belief in, and commitment to follow Jesus, our risen Savior and Lord today.

#7: Gospel Beginnings

This Advent series helps us anticipate the birth of Jesus at Christmas by studying the early chapters of each of the gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Join us as we discuss the significance of each perspective for shaping our faith and our understanding of Jesus Christ today.

#8: Habakkuk

In this series, we discuss how evil can exist, even though we worship a just God. In Habakkuk’s teaching, we’ll discover comfort for when we have unanswered prayers, and we’ll discover wisdom and strength for living faithfully when life is hard.

#9: The Sermon on the Mount: Famous Teachings of Jesus

Together we’ll gain a greater understanding of God’s heart and how our daily lives can honor God through this study of Jesus’ well-known “Sermon on the Mount.”  As we dig into the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, and many other teachings from Jesus’ famous Sermon, we’ll discover how we can better reflect God’s Kingdom on earth here and now!

#10: Ruth

This short story about a humble, yet fiercely loyal young woman provides us much insight into God's character and how he chooses to work. Through it, we’ll discover more about God's providence, be reminded of the importance of our obedience and faithfulness, and be encouraged to keep walking in faith no matter our circumstances. 

It’s been fun to see the variety of series that have resonated with our faithful listeners. Some are from years ago and others are very recent. There’s a good mix of Old Testament and New Testament studies. 

Overall, these recommendations affirm for me how timeless Scripture is and how it continues to shape and inform our daily lives. Every time I listen to one of these episodes, I’m reminded of something valuable or challenged by something new, and my faith grows and is deepened. I hope you’ll find your faith strengthened and your spiritual life encouraged as you revisit your favorite episodes or explore a series that’s new to you. 

It’s a privilege and joy to dig deeply into Scripture with you each week. We’re grateful for God’s continued faithfulness and your encouragement and support as we continue to serve God and his kingdom through the study of his Word. Thank you! 

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